Intel made a major move today to enter into the autonomous vehicle market by buying Israel based Mobileye (MBLY) with a $15 billion acqusition. Shares of the autonomous car technology company surged 28.24% to $60.62 per share on the M&A news.

Another major winner today was Cerulean Pharma(CERU) with shares skyrocketed 63.82% to $2.49 per share as the cancer drug maker seeks to sell the company. Another major biotech winner today was Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (AUPH) gaining 24% to $10.54 per share and stock had gained 300% this month from $3.7 per share on March 1. Also moving higher are biotech firm Verastem(VSTM) with 24% gain to $1.54 per share on high volume of 2.5 million shares.