One good investment strategy is to follow the flock. In the stock investment realm it means to buy those stocks that great investor buy. Today no other investor guru is as famous as Warren Buffett, so it would be probably wise to keep track of his lastest investment move as of 4th quarter of 2016.

Latest Buy

Pay attention to the following stocks. Warren Buffett has just bought shares of the following companies at the end of last year so this is a perfect time to buy stocks of airline company Southwest Airline(LUV), agricultural chemical giant Monsanto(MON) and satellite radio firm Sirius XM (SIRI)

Latest Add

If you hold stocks of the following companies, good news to you because Warren Buffett has just added more shares. He definitely shows his appetite in airlines like Delta Airline(DAL), United Airline (UAL) and American Airline (AAL). And who says Warren Buffett is not interested in technology stock? He is still buying Apple(AAPL). In addition he added more shares of banking firm Bank of New York Mellon(BK)

Lastet Reduce

Be careful of the following stocks… Warren Buffett reduced his holding on retail giant Walmart(WMT) as well as telecom giant Verizon(VZ)

Latest Sold Out

If you don't have the following stocks, don't even bother. However if you do, run away from these as fast as you can because Warren Buffett already sold his position on these companies. Avoid Deere & Company(DE), Kinder Morgan(KMI), Liberty Media(FWONK/FWONA), NOW Inc(DNOW) and Lee Enterprises(LEE)