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Movers of the Day (3/23/2017)

Shares of HTG Molecular Diagnostics(HTGM) skyrocketed 83.64% to $3.93 per share as the company obtained permission to sale the company's lung cancer diagnosis test in EU. The stock gained additional 53.69% to $6.04 per share during after market. Another biotech winner was Flexion Therapeutics (FLXN) with shares surging 33.38% to $26.25 per share on take over rumor from Sanofi.

Infrastructure project management firm Versar Inc (VSR) saw it shares jumped 24.2% to $1.95 as the company was awarded $2.3 million contract from United States Army Corps of Engineers. The stock has gained almost 100% this week. Lastly material company Constellium(CSTM) gained 18.92% to $6.6 per share.

Movers of the Day(03/22/2017)


After the bloodbath drop of the stock markets yesterday, all major indices managed to stabilize today with both S&P 500 and Nasdaq gained 0.19% and 0.48% respectively while Dow Jones average lost for a slight 0.03%. Major winners were in biotech sector as shares of Moleculin Biotech(MBRX) surged 24.3% to $1.33 per share while Idera Pharmaceuticals (IDRA) jumped 19.14% to $2.49 per share on positive analyst comment. Another biotech winner was Interpace Diagnostics Group (IDXG) gaining 16.73% to $2.86 per share as analyst initiate buy rating on the stock

From the retail side, shares of clothing company Vince Holding(VNCE) gained 22.58% to $1.95 per share on bottom fishing.

Movers of the Day(03/21/2017)


It was brutal day in the markets today with Dow Jones Indices dropping 237.85 points to 20,668.01 and S&P 500 losing 29.45 to 2344.02 while Nasdaq sank nearly 2% or 107.70 to 5,793.83. However some stocks still managed to make huge gain today with shares of Pulmatrix(PULM) jumped 39.57% to $3.88 per share as the company received crucial patent from European Union.

Shares of global project management company Versar(VSR) jumped 37.17% to $1.55 per share as the company's joint venture won $950 million contract

Shares of Hornbeck Offshore Services (HOS) rose 12.94% to $4.25 per share and had gained over 30% in two days.

Movers of the Day(03/20/2017)


The Biggest winner of the day was Esperion Therapeutics(ESPR) with shares skyrocketed 74.14% to $41.22 per share on expected FDA approval of new drug application. Another biotech winner was Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) with shares surged 42.65% to $22.11 per share on successful phase 3 clinical trials.

Yet another biotech winner today was CytomX Therapeutics (CTMX) as shares jumped 24.44% to $18.89 per share as the company received $200 million royalty payment from Bristol-Myers Squibb. Moving to the material sector shares of Dominion Diamond Corp (DDC) surged 22.98% to $12.2 per share as the company may be acquired by Billionaire businessman Dennis R. Washington

Movers of the Day (3/16/2017)


Cross sea transportation service sector was on a roll today with multiple companies making huge gains. The biggest winner was TOP SHIPS Inc(TOPS) with 109.52% gain to $2.2 per share while shares of Globus Maritime (GLBS) jumped $6.74 per share. Other shipping sector winner included Sino-Global Shipping America (SINO) with 23.8% gain to $3.12 per share

Shares of biotech firm Innocoll Holdings(INNL) surged 37.12% to $1.88 per share on possible sale of the company. Other biotech winner included Seres Therapeutics (MCRB) which shares soared 37.11% to $12.17 per share.

Movers of the Day (3/14/2017)


Shares of DragonWave (DRWI) skyrocketed 65.22% to $1.9 per share on sales and service agreement with Ingram Micro. In the biotech sector shares of Neovasc (NVCN) surged 28.06% to $1.78 per share as the company plans to announce fourth quarter result on March 23.

Other winners of the day include money transfer services provider Moneygram International (MGI) as Euronet Worldwide(EEFT) offered to buy the company. Shares jumped 24.57% to $15.77 following the announcement. Finally restaurant chain operator Ruby Tuesday (RT) rose 24.14% to $2.16 per share as on plan to sell the company

Movers of the Day (3/13/2017)


Intel made a major move today to enter into the autonomous vehicle market by buying Israel based Mobileye (MBLY) with a $15 billion acqusition. Shares of the autonomous car technology company surged 28.24% to $60.62 per share on the M&A news.

Another major winner today was Cerulean Pharma(CERU) with shares skyrocketed 63.82% to $2.49 per share as the cancer drug maker seeks to sell the company. Another major biotech winner today was Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (AUPH) gaining 24% to $10.54 per share and stock had gained 300% this month from $3.7 per share on March 1. Also moving higher are biotech firm Verastem(VSTM) with 24% gain to $1.54 per share on high volume of 2.5 million shares.

Movers of the Day (3/9/2017)


Winners of the day were again in the biotech sector with shares of Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) skyrocketed 71.82% to $1.89 per share on expectation of successful trial in the future. Anoter biotech winner was Curis, Inc (CRIS) as shares surged 20.78% to $3.08 per share after fourth quarter financial results.

Other sector winners include Comtech Telecomm. Corp (CMTL) with shares soared 23.81% to $13.78 per share on following strong Q2 result. MaxPoint Interactive Inc (MXPT) shares jumped 21.01% as the quarterly earning beats estimate. After 25% gain in the previous session, shares of cargo shipping company DryShips(DRYS) went up another 19.5% to $1.9 per share on optimist outlook with the company's recent refinancing effort.

Movers of the Day (3/8/2017)


Shares of beaten down dry cargo shipping company DryShips(DRYS) soard 25% to $1.59 per share with rising Baltic Dry Index and new asset purchase to diversify out of shipping. In the biotech sector shares of Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT) surged 21.02% to $34.25 per share as Novo Nordisk is interested in buying the company.

From the retail side, shares of children's specialty clothing comapny The Children's Place (PLCE) jumped 18.27% to $118.15 as the company's 4th quarter profit top estimats. Another company with strong earning report was tax preparation services provider H & R Block(HRB) with shares rising 14.88% to $23.94 on strong 4th quarter result

Movers of the Day (3/6/2017)


After hitting all time high of 21,169 in the first day of March, Dow continued the slide and ended the day with 51 points loss to 20,954. Both S&P 500 and Nasdaq also dropped 0.33% and 0.37% respectively. Winners of the day are all in the biotech sector with shares of TG Therapeutics (TGTX) almost doubled with 90.65% gain to $10.2 per share on successful Phase 3 clinical trials with the company's leukemia treatment drug. Another biotech winner was Concert Pharmaceuticals(CNCE) with shares skyrocketed 62.07% to $15.64 per share as Vertex plans to pay up to $250 million to the company's cystic fibrosis drug.

Shares of BioScrip (BIOS) jumped 23.37% to $2.27 per share on strong 4th quarter report while Aurinia Pharmaceuticals(AUPH) with 11.43% gain as the company announced acceptance of oral presentation of voclosporin at National Kidney Foundation.

Movers of the Day (3/2/2017)


Despite Dow losing 112 points to 21,002.97 and Nasdaq sinking 0.73% today, the spotlight goes to IPO blockbuster Snap Inc. (SNAP), gaining 44% to $24.48 on its first day of trading. Other winners, most in the healthcare sector, include Karyopharm Therapeutics (KPTI), surging 25.48% to $13.84 per share on phase 2 study result announcement and Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (AUPH), jumping 22.1% as company clears safety issue of lupus drug.

In the energy sector, shares of Navigator Holdings (NVGS) rose 27.27% to $14 per share as the company's 4th quarter earning beats forcasts while specialty construction chemicals company GCP Applied Technologies (GCP) gained 17.65% despite 4th quarter earning miss

Movers of the Day (2/28/2017)


After days of upward move, all major indices ease today as Dow lost 25 points to 20,812 and S&P dropped 6 points to 2363 while Nasdaq went down 36 points to 5825. Major movers of the day include Kite Pharma (KITE) with 24.53% gain to new 52 weeks high of $70.77 per share on narrower than expected 4th quarter loss. Another winner was LSB Industries (LXB) as shares surged almost 23% to $10.87 per share on positive outlook despite earning miss.

Weight management company Nutrisystem(NTRI) rose 18.62% to $46.5 per share as 4th quarter earning beats forcast. Another biotech winner is aTyr Pharma(LIFE) with shares move up 15.94% to $4 per share as the company's product gained FDA Orphan Drug Designation.

Movers of the Day (2/27/2017)


Stock market continue to show strength today as Dow gained 15 points to 20,837 while Nasdaq rose 16 points to 5,861. Winners of day include HTG Molecular Diagnostics (HTGM) which skyrocketed 158.54% to $3.18 per share after announcing Launch of Direct-Target Sequencing Chemistry. La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (LJPC) also jumped 76.75% to $35.12 per share on positive phase 3 result of catecholamine resistant hypotension treatment. Another healthcare winner is MRI based cancer treatment system maker Viewray (VRAY), moving up almost 20% to $5.71 per share

Shares of in-flight wireless entertainment provider Gogo Inc(gogo) surged 15.02% on positive fourth quarter earning. Shares of global art auction giant Sothebys (BID) jumped 15.71% to $46.39 per share as the company's earning beat forecast.

Trump to Upgrade Military - Stocks to Watch


President Trump's newly proposed $54 billion increase in military spending - a 10 percent increase - is great news for the major defense contractors. As Trump look to boost spending with more tropps, new ships and new planes, major defense companies should benefit this major initiatives.

Winner in this sector including missiles maker Lockheed Martin Corporation(LMT), B-2 Bomber maker Northrup Grumman(NOC), Tomahawk cruise missil maker Raytheon(RTN), military ships maker General Dynamics(GD) and Boeing (BA)

Movers of the Day (2/24/2017)


The last full week of February ended with Dow getting closer to historic 21,000 with 11 points gain to finish at 20,821.76. Nasdaq is also moving toward historic 6,000 mark with 9.8 points gain to finish at 5,845.31. Major movers of the day were biotech firm Cempra(CEMP) with 28.57% gain on heavy volumn to finish at $4.05 per share on successful phase III study of the company's skin antibiotic drug. Shares however have lost 85% for the past 52 weeks.

Shares of Furniture retailer Restoration Hardware(RH) also surged 24.41% to $31.34 as the company reported strong 4th quarter guidance. Fiber-optic networking products provider Applied Optoelectronics(AAOI) also gained 22.71% to $45.98 on strong quarterly result.

Despite missing 4th quarter profit forcast, shares of custom made toy retailer Build-A-Bear Workshop(BBW) jumped almost 21% to $10.1 per share as the company plans to enhance it's e-commerce platform.

Last on the 20%+ gain list include OLED maker Universal Display Corporation(OLED) with 20.09% gain to $81 per share as the company's 4th quarter earning beats targets

Movers of the Day (2/23/2017)


Winner of the day is Contemporary furniture manufacturer Nova LifeStyle (NVFY) which jumped 38.67% with record customer signup to the company's Nova-Mart website. Another 20% plus winner is Electronic Components maker KEMET Corporation (KEM) which rose almost 23% on announcement that the company acquired NEC TOKIN from NEC Corporation.

After Houston Martin on Monday revealed 13% stack in Houston based oil and gas exploration company Tellurian (TELL), stock has gained almost 50% in two days including today's 20% gain. Volatile biotech sector found winner today in Pernix Therapeutics Holdings (PTX) with 19.7% gain on patent case win against Actavis Labs.

From the technology side, shares of mobile based credit card processing firm Square (SQ) rose 14% as analyst ups target price from $15 to $17 per share.

Movers of the Day (2/22/2017)


Most indices saw little movement today with Dow gaining 32 points to 20,775 while both S&P 500 and Nasdaq ease 0.1% each. Winners of the day included medical device firm Microbot Medical (MBOT), gaining 46% on major patent milestone. Another healthcare winner was Lantheus Holdings(LNTH), adding almost 30% with Solid earning and positive outlook.

On the technology side, Internet infrastructure service firm Internap Corporation(INAP) rose 27% on breakout volumn as investors put thumb up to the successful private equity placement. Other winner of the day include fracking sand provider Emerge Energy Services (EMES) with 15% gain to end the day at $23.51 per share. The stock has gained more than 100% so far this year and a eye popping 700% gain for the past 52 weeks.

Movers of the Day (2/21/2017)


The day after President's Day holiday shows strong bull momentum in the stock market as Dow gains another 100 points to finish at 20,743. S&P 500 gains 0.6% to finish at 2,365 while Nasdaq adds 27 points to finish at 5,865.

The big winner of the day is Eyegate Pharmaceuticals(EYEG) which skyrocketed 127% on $4 million Valeant licensing agreement. Another big winner is Community Health Systems(CYH) with 34% gain on strong earning report. On the energy side, investor bet on earning beat of offshore driller SeaDrill(SDRL) and send the stock higher by 11%. The company is expected to report earning this Thursday, February 23.

Wrapping up the winner list includes Chinese e-commerce company Vipshop Holdings(VIPS) which gained 7% on 36% revenue growth. Lastly chip maker Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) gained 6.6% with new product shipment. The stock price has gone seven-fold for the past year making it one of the best investment of the year.

Warren Buffett Just Bought and Sold These Stocks


One good investment strategy is to follow the flock. In the stock investment realm it means to buy those stocks that great investor buy. Today no other investor guru is as famous as Warren Buffett, so it would be probably wise to keep track of his lastest investment move as of 4th quarter of 2016.

Latest Buy

Pay attention to the following stocks. Warren Buffett has just bought shares of the following companies at the end of last year so this is a perfect time to buy stocks of airline company Southwest Airline(LUV), agricultural chemical giant Monsanto(MON) and satellite radio firm Sirius XM (SIRI)

Latest Add

If you hold stocks of the following companies, good news to you because Warren Buffett has just added more shares. He definitely shows his appetite in airlines like Delta Airline(DAL), United Airline (UAL) and American Airline (AAL). And who says Warren Buffett is not interested in technology stock? He is still buying Apple(AAPL). In addition he added more shares of banking firm Bank of New York Mellon(BK)

Lastet Reduce

Be careful of the following stocks… Warren Buffett reduced his holding on retail giant Walmart(WMT) as well as telecom giant Verizon(VZ)

Latest Sold Out

If you don't have the following stocks, don't even bother. However if you do, run away from these as fast as you can because Warren Buffett already sold his position on these companies. Avoid Deere & Company(DE), Kinder Morgan(KMI), Liberty Media(FWONK/FWONA), NOW Inc(DNOW) and Lee Enterprises(LEE)

Drones Are Flying. So What Stocks To Invest?


If you have not yet bought a drone, you've probably seen some forms of it flying in a park or even on the news striking military targets. So let's face it, drone is one of the latest and hottest gadget on planet earth. And with its market expected to hit 3 million unit in 2017 based on research by Gartner, we as investors should really look at where to profit from this hot trend.

Based on article by MarketWatch, one company that makes drones and is publicly traded is AeroVironment (AVAV), the $600 million market cap company, earns almost 90% of its revenue from selling drones, making it the pure play of investing in drones.

Beside drones maker, companies that benefit from boom in drones include video chipset supplier Ambarella (AMBA) and efficient power controllers manufacturer IXYS (IXYS). In addition, Swiss tech company STMicroelectronics NV (STM) and InvenSense (INVN) makes chips for drones.

Miliary use drones producers include Northrop Grumman(NOC) which makes Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles for military operations. Another defence company Lockheed Martin (LMT) also produce drones for bot military as well as civil usage.

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